Mission Statement

The Fifty Caliber Institute, (FCI) was founded to serve as the political arm of the Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Assn., (FCSA). However, FCI is not satisfied to simply hold ground and slow the eventual loss of our shooting rights on the legislative front. Our dedication to the advancement of the fifty caliber shooting sports means exactly what it says – advance. FCI is determined to do everything possible to open the fun and excitement of fifty caliber shooting to everybody. FCI is working hard with NRA and FCSA to create more opportunities for those with a .50 BMG to get together, and for those interested in the sport to come out and try. We have taken a grass-roots approach to education on the fine art of long distance marksmanship and are aggressively promoting the skills and habits necessary to enjoy this remarkable sport. We hope you will join us, both on the range and in this fight to not only protect, but to advance, the fifty caliber shooting sports.

Thank you for your support as we fight to protect your Second Amendment rights.