The shooting that led Obama to go off-script on gun control; Aides saw a change in him as he decided to try executive action. Los Angeles Times

By Christi Parsons and Michael A. Memoli Contact Reporters \Los Angeles Times
On the afternoon that he decided to launch perhaps the most controversial effort of his second term – gun control by executive order – President Obama took one look at remarks written for him to address a mass shooting in Oregon and warned his team he would go off-script.

“I’m just going to riff off it. I’m pissed,” one aide recalled Obama saying before he strode off to talk to reporters.

There was no explicit announcement of a new policy that day in October. But as Obama publicly grieved that “somehow this has become routine,” some senior advisors recognized the moment they felt he had silently contemplated for two years.

“Clear schedule,” another advisor tapped out to his assistant via Blackberry – Obama was about to order them to take a new look at gun measures.

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